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composer  singer  performer

Modern world jazz, acoustic pop, experimental.


My music Tells my Story

Born in Odessa, Ukraine, Tasiya earned diploma and then got a master degree in jazz vocals at Franz Liszt University of Music in Weimar under Prof. Michael Schiefel, Prof. Jeff Cascaro and Prof. Leonid Chizhik.
After starting with jazz standarts, crossover, free jazz and world music, she began to experiment to find her own style. 
In 2019 Tasiya moved to Berlin. To that time she was already a prize winner at the prestigious Jazz Voice Competition in Montreux (2013), Riga Jazz Stage (2017) , Munich Jazz Prize (2017), Voicingers in Poland (2017) etc. and got a CD release “ New Old Fairytales” at Hevhetia Records in 2019 together with a pianist Sammy Lukas.

"I love what I've heard. Tasiya has a beautiful voice, the music is very evocative and full of imagination. That all the pieces are written by Tasiya and lyrics too, is even more impressive!  It's a lovely album. Congratulations."  
    - Norma Winstone. 

After trying different styles and forms, she comes to composing suits – not a very typical form in Jazz. In her solo and band work she combines different stylistics: traditional music from Ukraine, free jazz improvisation, classical soundscapes, and all that with a loopstation and fx.  Duet "Tasiya & Sammy Lukas" started in 2017 and is a main project with a great pianist, a Yamaha Jazz Prize winner, Sammy Lukas.

At the age of 16 she wrote her first song for symphony orchestra. It took almost a year to bring the whole partiture together. The first song was “ Inside my Music”. Now there is almost 15 songs with symphony orchestra composed and arranged by Tasiya, and most of them are included in musical “Malady”. Now she is working on recording an album consisting completely of her symphony works.

Tasiya - solo on The Man I Love


Tasiya & Sammy Lukas New Old Fairytales Suite First Piece of News Tasiya vocals, fx, percussion, composition Sammy Lukas piano Juliette Rahon dance Nastya Volokitina cutting, editing, costume Christian Seeling camera «Первая Тема Новостей» «First Piece of News» Новости, новости News, news Из соседней области - Comes from the neighboring region Солнечно, растёт пшено It’s sunny, the millet grows И вообще все хорошо! Everything is well. Экие новости - Such is the news Впору вчетвером нести: So significant, it should be carried by 4 people Все зажиточно живут, Everyone is wealthy Денег - куры не клюют! Money coming out of ears Новости, новости News, news Из соседней волости- From the neighboring volost* Не халупы, не дома - Homes are being built Людям строят терема! Not some shaсks, not houses, rich palaces! Полноте, в скорости Oh please, soon enough Праздник будет в городе The town will rejoice in celebration Там вина всегда нальют- Bathed in wine Люди пляшут и поют! Dancing and chanting Новости слушайте, Listen closely to the news Внимайте и кушайте, Listen closely, eat well Да прожуйте хорошо- If you eat all up, no worries Мы вам сделаем ещё ! We’ll bring more of it for you! И у вас все хорошо! You’ll be taken care of! Lyrics by Tasiya & Swetlana Volokitina Translation of lyrics by Gaya Marina Garbaruk




2013-2019 Music Academy, Erfurt

since 2017 Konservatorium Georg Philipp Telemann, Magdeburg

2019-2021 Freie Schule für Musik Berlin

since 2020 Musikschule Behm Bertheau & Morgenstern, Potsdam

2019 & 2020 Jury member Jugend Musiziert

2022 Workshop at Otto von Guericke Universität, Magdeburg



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